Can Dogs and Cats get West Nile Virus?

As a matter of fact, they can, but for most of our four legged friends, West Nile Virus is not a serious issue.  For horses, it is dangerous, and the FDA has recently approved a vaccination for them, but if your dog or cat is bitten by a mosquito, they are in far more danger of developing heartworm disease than the West Nile Virus.  I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your pets with annual exams and monthly heartworm prevention.  Continue reading

Heartworm Prevention

The last week has been so busy, with sick family members and birthdays, that I completely missed the note on my calendar to give the dogs their heartworm medication.  Fortunately, missing by a few days isn’t a big deal.  Grace was standing at the ready when I opened the package, and the little dogs took their’s eagerly as well.  It would be so much easier to medicate dogs if all Continue reading

Online Pharmacies vs. Meds from Veterinarians

I learned something today about veterinarians and online pharmacies that I did not know.  I have always known vets prefer you buy all meds from them, and I even know of one vet that refuses to approve medications for online pharmacies or provide a prescription for same.  Continue reading

Time for Heartworm Meds

Every dog should be as easy to medicate as my Grace.  I’ve never had to push pills down her throat or wrap them in cheese or bread.  As it happens, heartworm medicine tastes good, but since I’m using the pills right now instead of the chewy stuff that’s more like a treat, the other dogs give me grief.  Continue reading

Heartworms and House Pets

I was recently talking to someone about heartworm disease and heartworm prevention, and I asked if his cat was on prevention.  His reply was no, because it was a house cat.  The first time my vet talked to me about heartworm prevention for my dogs, that was my reply, that she was kept inside and only went out to go to the bathroom.  My vet asked if I Continue reading

Heartworm Prevention

It’s that time of the month again.  Time for heartworm prevention treats.  Yes, I said treats, because dogs LIKE the taste of these meds.  My Grace rarely gives me trouble when any medication is needed, but I can tell a difference when it’s time for heartworm meds.  All it takes is putting them in front of her nose, and she eats them without hesitation.  Even Continue reading