Flea and Tick Medication

It’s that time of year again. and once mroe I have let myself run out of flea and tick prevention for my little dogs.  I have to keep them all on the same schedule for things like this, or I’ll end up leaving someone out, so everyone will be a few days late this month.  Fortunately 800PetMeds is fast, so I can order today and have the treatments before the end of the week.  I haven’t seen a tick in my yard in years, and the yard spray I use for mosquitoes also kills fleas and ticks. so going Continue reading

Flea & Tick Treatments

If there is a time of year when there are no fleas, I’ve never found it.  Maybe it’s where I live and maybe it’s just that fleas and ticks can survive just fine no matter the weather.  Yes, they seem to be more of a problem in warm months, but this year it seems like all the months are warm, so I’m a firm believer in year round treatment.  Once they get on your pets, they get in Continue reading