Dog Treats

We went to finalize Prim’s adoption Saturday and stopped at the new Dairy Queen next door on the way out.  Because they built near a Petsmart, this Dairy Queen offers dog treats if they see a dog in the car.  I don’t normally give the dogs treats, because Midget has put on too much weight courtesy of daily treats, nor do I allow eating in my car, but it was a special occasion and I figured I could vacuum the seats when we got home.  In less than 24 hours, I paid for that mistake.  Prim woke me at 1:30 am to go outside.  Millie, who never has to go outside during the night, woke me at 5:30.  Millie also rarely has accidents in the house, but when we got home from church, I had a mess to clean.  With four little dogs in the house, it’s not always possible to tell who’s the guilty party, but Millie’s the only one who can jump the gate and get in the back of the house.  When I was cleaning up, I told her she should stay on the other side of the gate if she doesn’t want to tell on herself.  Midget had to get out as soon as we got home from church and a few hours later I barely got Prim outside in time.  When the three dogs who had treats were having issues and the two that didn’t were not, it wasn’t hard to put it all together.  As nice as it is for people to offer treats, the answer from now on will have to be no.

She’s a keeper.

I’m going to have to stop fostering for a little while, so I can housebreak my lastest foster failure.  It was pretty clear after the first day I wasn’t going to give this one up.  We still haven’t agreed on a name, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one.  I will call her Prim, and my husband will refuse to do so because he doesn’t like it.  He’s called my 16 year old Pug by the wrong name his whole life and it hasn’t bothered him, so I don’t expect being called by two different names will bother Prim either.  I’m the one she interacts with 90% of the time, so Prim is the name she will learn to respond to.  She has some real trust issues, which is to be expected with a dog rescued from a puppy mill, but every day I see improvement and I have high hopes.  She was trying hard to get Midget to play with her yesterday and just this morning I found her on Grace’s bed.  Clearly she’s making herself at home.

Heartworm Prevention

The last week has been so busy, with sick family members and birthdays, that I completely missed the note on my calendar to give the dogs their heartworm medication.  Fortunately, missing by a few days isn’t a big deal.  Grace was standing at the ready when I opened the package, and the little dogs took their’s eagerly as well.  It would be so much easier to medicate dogs if all Continue reading

Dog Food

Does it matter what brand of dog food you use?  The answer to that question depends 100% on who you ask and whether or not they’re trying to sell a particular brand.  When I got my old boy Tai, the puppy mill owner tried to convince me I also needed to buy dog food from him.  Was it a good brand?  Sure it was.  Did I buy it?  No I did not.  When I sent Grace to obedience school, they had a particular brand of dog food they were selling.  A good brand for sure but, again, not one I chose to buy.  For me, the important thing to look for in dog food is quality, availability, and price.  A good dog food that can only be Continue reading

Online Pharmacies vs. Meds from Veterinarians

I learned something today about veterinarians and online pharmacies that I did not know.  I have always known vets prefer you buy all meds from them, and I even know of one vet that refuses to approve medications for online pharmacies or provide a prescription for same.  Continue reading

Heartworms in People

I thought I had found a new home for my foster dog Audi.  I met with a really nice lady yesterday, who brought her daughter and dog to see if everyone got along.  She asked about Audi’s vision and house-training, but she never mentioned the heartworms.  We arranged to meet again in a few days, after she fills out an adoption application, so she can take him home to see how things work out.  The more I thought about the meeting, the more it worried me.  When she first made contact with Lost Paws, via e-mail, I responded with all Continue reading

Time for Heartworm Meds

Every dog should be as easy to medicate as my Grace.  I’ve never had to push pills down her throat or wrap them in cheese or bread.  As it happens, heartworm medicine tastes good, but since I’m using the pills right now instead of the chewy stuff that’s more like a treat, the other dogs give me grief.  Continue reading

A bad haircut, and then some!

My husband took his shih-tsu Midget to be groomed Friday and she looked horrible when he picked her up.  When he dropped her off they told him they would have to shave her ears, because they were so matted, and they did, but that wasn’t the problem.  Her hair looked like it had been cut with scissors and cut badly.  It was choppy and uneven, and way shorter on her head than her body.  He likes her hair long and had asked them to keep it longish on her body, but no groomer should have agreed to that when her head had to be cut so close.  She’s grossly over-weight and with the short hair on her head and long on her body, she looked awful.  I took him to pick her up and she looked so bad I told him to go back in and make them fix it.  Being the consummate nice guy, he refused, so I took her to Petsmart Sunday to be re-groomed.  Since a bath is included in the cost of grooming, Continue reading

Pecans? Not good.

I have had dogs for most of my life, but I learn something new about them every single day.  Today, at 5am to be exact, I learned pecans give Grace diarrhea.  I have a box of pecans I picked up at my sister’s house over the weekend and Grace ignored them the first day they were here.  When I got up yesterday there were a few on the floor and pieces of several on her couch, meaning of course that she had been eating them.  This morning I discovered the effects of those she ate.  Whether it was the shells or the peanuts themselves, I can’t say.  I can say her tummy did not take kindly to the new “food”.  I am once again thankful Continue reading