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    ThumbnailAs much as I’d like to be more limber, the idea of sleeping with my own feet in my face just doesn’t appeal to me.

  • Unfortunately, there are no outward sings of heartorms, and they can only be detected by a blood test. It’s a very simple and inexpensive procedure, with same day results. A fecal sample is used to test for […]

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    We went to finalize Prim’s adoption Saturday and stopped at the new Dairy Queen next door on the way out.  Because they built near a Petsmart, this Dairy Queen offers dog treats if they see a dog in the car.  I […]

  • ThumbnailI’m going to have to stop fostering for a little while, so I can housebreak my lastest foster failure.  It was pretty clear after the first day I wasn’t going to give this one up.  We still haven’t agreed on a […]

  • ThumbnailThis is my new foster dog Classy, or my new dog Gizmo or Bitsy or whatever name we finally agree on.  Personally, I like the name Prim, but my husband doesn’t and we’ll have to agree on whatever we end up calling […]

  • ThumbnailAfter 3 1/2 months in foster care, 2 1/2 with me, my boy Odie finally found a forever home.  At 10 years old, with heartworm disease, I wasn’t sure anyone would ever give him a change, but a wonderful lady with […]

  • ThumbnailIn the market for a new pet?  Before you go to a pet store or breeder, please search Petfinder.com and consider adoption.  There are more than 300,000 pets in shelters around the country, and not just dogs and […]

  • ThumbnailThe last week has been so busy, with sick family members and birthdays, that I completely missed the note on my calendar to give the dogs their heartworm medication.  Fortunately, missing by a few days isn’t a big […]

  • Yes I get a lot of spam comments. Actualy yours went to spam and I’m trusting it’s a real request for help and not just a spam comment. There is something called Akismet that will keep the spam from going […]

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    Does it matter what brand of dog food you use?  The answer to that question depends 100% on who you ask and whether or not they’re trying to sell a particular brand.  When I got my old boy Tai, the puppy mill […]

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  • ThumbnailAfter almost two years of plopping and jumping on my couch, I’ve decided it’s time for Grace to have a real bed, and by that I mean a dog bed.  I did the research to find something big enough for her, that would […]

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    ThumbnailMy sweet little foster boy’s potention adoption has officially fallen through.  I can’t say I was surprised by the call, but it does still surprise me anyone thinks people can catch heartworm disease from a dog.  […]

  • ThumbnailI thought I had found a new home for my foster dog Audi.  I met with a really nice lady yesterday, who brought her daughter and dog to see if everyone got along.  She asked about Audi’s vision and house-training, […]

  • ThumbnailEvery dog should be as easy to medicate as my Grace.  I’ve never had to push pills down her throat or wrap them in cheese or bread.  As it happens, heartworm medicine tastes good, but since I’m using the pills […]

  • My husband took his shih-tsu Midget to be groomed Friday and she looked horrible when he picked her up.  When he dropped her off they told him they would have to shave her ears, because they were so matted, and […]

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