She’s a keeper.


I’m going to have to stop fostering for a little while, so I can housebreak my lastest foster failure.  It was pretty clear after the first day I wasn’t going to give this one up.  We still haven’t agreed on a name, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one.  I will call her Prim, and my husband will refuse to do so because he doesn’t like it.  He’s called my 16 year old Pug by the wrong name his whole life and it hasn’t bothered him, so I don’t expect being called by two different names will bother Prim either.  I’m the one she interacts with 90% of the time, so Prim is the name she will learn to respond to.  She has some real trust issues, which is to be expected with a dog rescued from a puppy mill, but every day I see improvement and I have high hopes.  She was trying hard to get Midget to play with her yesterday and just this morning I found her on Grace’s bed.  Clearly she’s making herself at home.


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