Flea and Tick Medication


It’s that time of year again. and once mroe I have let myself run out of flea and tick prevention for my little dogs.  I have to keep them all on the same schedule for things like this, or I’ll end up leaving someone out, so everyone will be a few days late this month.  Fortunately 800PetMeds is fast, so I can order today and have the treatments before the end of the week.  I haven’t seen a tick in my yard in years, and the yard spray I use for mosquitoes also kills fleas and ticks. so going a few days beyond a month isn’t really a big deal, but that’s not the case for everyone.  My mother, for instance, lives in the country, and her maltese Auggie loves to get out of the yard and roam around in the fields.  She swears if she goes even one day beyond the recommend 30 days with his treatment, he ends up with fleas, and ticks are much more of a problem in rural areas.  Since fleas and ticks can lead to much bigger problems, I can’t stress enough the need for monthly prevention, with whatever method works best for your dog.


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