Dog Treats


We went to finalize Prim’s adoption Saturday and stopped at the new Dairy Queen next door on the way out.  Because they built near a Petsmart, this Dairy Queen offers dog treats if they see a dog in the car.  I don’t normally give the dogs treats, because Midget has put on too much weight courtesy of daily treats, nor do I allow eating in my car, but it was a special occasion and I figured I could vacuum the seats when we got home.  In less than 24 hours, I paid for that mistake.  Prim woke me at 1:30 am to go outside.  Millie, who never has to go outside during the night, woke me at 5:30.  Millie also rarely has accidents in the house, but when we got home from church, I had a mess to clean.  With four little dogs in the house, it’s not always possible to tell who’s the guilty party, but Millie’s the only one who can jump the gate and get in the back of the house.  When I was cleaning up, I told her she should stay on the other side of the gate if she doesn’t want to tell on herself.  Midget had to get out as soon as we got home from church and a few hours later I barely got Prim outside in time.  When the three dogs who had treats were having issues and the two that didn’t were not, it wasn’t hard to put it all together.  As nice as it is for people to offer treats, the answer from now on will have to be no.


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