Classy? Gizmo? Bitsy?


This is my new foster dog Classy, or my new dog Gizmo or Bitsy or whatever name we finally agree on.  Personally, I like the name Prim, but my husband doesn’t and we’ll have to agree on whatever we end up calling her, if we keep her.  Having spent her whole life in a cage, she’s a little scared of people, but making progress.  It’s so sad to see her natural instinct to like people, curbed by fear and mistrust.  At only 6 pounds, when her tail wags, her whole body wags, and she gets so excited when you talk to her.  Sadly though, she pulls back when you reach to pet her.  From the minute we heard about this batch of Shih-tzus, we knew we would get another foster and possibly a new addition to our doggy clan.  Daily it’s looking more and more like she’s a keeper.


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