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Pet Adoption – Foster

October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized


If you’re not looking to adopt a pet, but you’d like to help with the thousands of animals in shelters and rescue groups around the country, go to an adoption event or shelter and ask about fostering.  Most shelters are desperate for help with the many animals in need of adoption and are grateful to have some of them moved into foster homes.  Some of these animals have been mistreated and need to learn to trust humans, but many others are ready to fit right in to a new home.  Regan, my new foster dog, is one that doesn’t seem to have any issues at all.  She is housebroken, gets along with my other dogs, and seems to love everyone who crosses her path.  She doesn’t even need a leash.  From the moment I brought her home, she followed right along behind me when I walked my other dogs.  I didn’t plan to have her sleep in my bed, but she had other ideas, and that’s not a problem either, since she’s not big as a minute, doesn’t take up much room, and is perfectly content to stay in bed until I’m ready to get up.  This is not the first foster dog I’ve had that fit into my life without missing a beat, so I can say with absolutely certainty, there are perfect little beings out there that need a home.   Even if you can’t, or are not ready to adopt and provide a forever home, please consider fostering.  It’s a choice I can highly recommend.


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